Iron Distance

Hawaii Ironman World Championship   Ironman
2008-05-01Name: G B
Location: Sydney
Year: 1999
Races: 5
Summary: The biggest race in town
Comments: The one that everyone wants to get to. Plenty of accomodation though you have to get in early to be in Kona. Prices can vary but there is cheap to very expensive. The town is the right size for an Ironman as if it was still in Waikiki it would be up against the shopping malls for the tourist and probably be an annoyance to the golfers trying to get the courses. Kona becomes a triathlon community for two weeks and all the tri goodies pop up in most of the shops. The swim is the best course with crystal clear water (even saw dophins swimming about 20mtres away from me one year) and once you get away from the jetty the field spreads pretty quickly. The bike is where you need to be strong and heat acclimatised. The course isn't the toughest in elevation and the road s are very smooth, there just isn't anywhere to hide from the wind so a puff makes you work hard and the heat saps your fluid and energy.Go out and train in the afternoons when the winds are stronger (don't hide from the wind in training it helps). The run again isn't the hardest for elevation it again is the heat. Race sensible with plenty of fluid intaken at aid station or carry a bottle. The atmosphere is better than the TV makes out. The crowds are great and the section where there are no crowds (energy lab and on the way to Hawi on the bike) are what give the race character and where the legends come from. If you are lucky enought to get there enjoy the Island there are a few great sites to see.       Contact Us        Copyright 2007

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